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Only a little bit of Metal....

I know this horse has beaten to death, buried, dug up and beaten again.... BUT... I was in my local shop here in Rome, Italy and saw they had a nice ACR. I thought to myself, "man, that would be nice to take home with me, too bad it won't make it through customs". Then I noticed the thing's mostly plastic! The only metal being the inners, barrel and "upper" receiver, the lower part is plastic as well.

So I got to wondering if it would indeed make through when I come home. I have M4's at the moment and was prepared to break them all down, sell the metal receivers and bring the rest home with me, and buying new ones back in Canada, then re-assemble. But now Im seriously considering the ACR. Way less hassle.

Am I thinking straight here, or is this just wishful thinking?
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