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A new update from S-Thunder on there products

They fired off this email with some youtube footage, pictures and some text. Enjoy the porn.

Mr Yu-Hon Li, Director - Business Development of S-Thunder Limited states that S-Thunder's gas grenade and gas landmine product lines are designed and engineered completely differently compared to other traditional airsoft grenade and airsoft landmine products from other companies. S-Thunder is currently patenting the designs for the gas grenades, gas landmines and its Super Paintball Marker model SPM-100 as S-Thunder's design enhances the durability of the gas discharge mechanism and efficiently uses CO2. Under normal operation, our gas grenades and gas landmines are able to hold charges for several days and are designed to cycle for months before the gas core needs to be replaced - and the CO2 replacement is affordable at US$8.99. This same technology is applied to our CO2 accessories and users will find that S-Thunder's CO2 accessories will not leak gas for weeks at a time as we also developed a special O-ring compound that can tolerate the extreme pressure and temperature changes when using CO2 and as documented in our website,, we do not offer O-rings as we feel they are not necessary.

One of S-Thunder's goals is to help make airsoft and paintball more affordable in order to broaden the sports' appeal. Our gas grenades come with a standard top gas / green gas core, but this can be converted to use CO2 with a quick switch to a CO2 gas core. After demonstrating our units at the Shot Show, we were extremely surprised in receiving much positive feedback and interest from several dozens of companies involved in military / tactical / police training as they found our units to be both affordable, durable and functional. We feel that along with the interest from importers and retailers, we may be able to offer a product that will make war games more fun and realistic for everyone. S-Thunder is currently in discussions with major distributors in the USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and others. We recommend that interested parties contact their local retailers regarding availability of S-Thunder's products or they can visit the S-Thunder website at


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