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Originally Posted by shiftsup View Post
If feels like the toy plastic guns I had when I was a kid back in the 1970's (I am 40). It's a wee bit heavier yeah but it's creaky and very plastic. I have an MP-40 battery powered water pistol that feels exactly the same (bought @ Toys R Us in 1988)

Gaming with it was just a big letdown though. This had nothing to do with it's performance. It had to do with feel. I was relieved of this letdown when I got my RS 56 and RS 56-1. These 2 AEGs feel closer to real steel to me and keep me interested in playing (plastic gbb pistols are more than ok though).

Seriously, if all that I had availble gun-wise was plastic rifles I'd maybe game twice a year. Now I am not trying remotely to insult anyone with this comment but for my own satisfaction I felt running around with an all plastic gun a bit more childish than I cared for.

Thanks for the thoughts Shiftsup!! I got mine second hand so they must have added some metal to it. Only the stock and grip are plastic on it now.
Feels heavier than my new M4A1 (ICS) and gamed through Claybank perfectly. CIAO!!
BTW, I'm 41 now and having a great time. I only had cap guns to play with when I was a kid. LOL, damn.
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