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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
You know what else.

Some people may have surplusses of .12 BB's that you could probably buy off them. Usually they buy a bottle or two of those crappy Walmart BB's with the seams on them and just don't use them because they end up buying high quality BB's.

I'm sure the owners would appreciate if you went to their venue and asked if you could sweep up for them for free and just keep the spent BB's.

Also I'm not sure if you can but maybe you could lower the speed that the BB's come out at. I mean 80-100 BB's/sec is a bit overkill IMO maybe if you could mod it to shoot at a more conservative 30-50 BB's/sec you could cut the running/ammo costs by almost half.
So I guess just ask around? "Anyone have crappy BB's?" lol. As far as lowering ROF, its kind of tricky because that directly relates to FPS. Believe me I've been wanting to do the samething. Lol. I would buy a gun (still plan too) but theirs something about making it yourself, and the enjoyment of doing so.
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