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Originally Posted by hippo130 View Post
Thanks strelok.

Makes a lot of sense, but what stores can i buy them from, its so regulated in canada i dont know any places either than basspro,walmart and so on.
There are stores online, but they too only sell to people over the age of 18.

Most of the gun sales here in canada go through the classifieds in this site. Go through the FAQ section and educate yourself on the situation involving airsoft in canada, legal aspects and the like before you delve into the sport. Its a lot more complicated than just buying a gun and being on your merry way.

Since we're dealing with replica firearms here, its really advised that you play in designated feilds for this kind of thing, not in backyards, parks or forests out of town which are deemed public.

If you're not 18 years of age, you will have to make do with whats available, learn about the sport while you wait and save up money for gear and weapons so you can participate without issue when the time comes. "The sooner the better" doesn't apply to this kind of thing.

However, Some places will let underage individuals participate in games with a guardian to get a feel of what its like, its usually advised that you fill out your age and location on this site so we can help you.

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