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Originally Posted by Drakker View Post
One question about the bio BBs, do they swell up when it's very humid? Say, after a rainy night in the morning fog. I was at a game last autumn, in those exact conditions, on a field that required bio BBs, and most brands of eco BBs swelled up so much that they would jam and cause all kind of feeding problems in almost every guns.
As long as the BB is not scored when loaded into the mag, no, they should not - the polish process has one benefit - is has a water resistent shell. But I have disclaimers on the bags that state they should not be used in rain conditions and I don't recommend it.

Unfortunately this is one aspect of bio formulations in general you cannot escape - H20 in combination with C02 activates the decomposition process. But I can say the exposure to H20 has to be longer than past formulations. You probably could get away with it in a one day game. Humid conditions should not be a problem, but if you have water sitting right on the BB, it will be a problem.

So, for example, the Wolfpack May 24 games, I would use the Styrene formulation because its almost guaranteed to rain...
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