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Originally Posted by Spawn28 View Post
The EcoBB's are awsome i had the privillage testing out a bag and i must say awsome job Jay and one thing i found out is the ECO's arent flammable and are twice as hard to crush then the regular bbs i just finished the bag and am working on a review it will be posted soon. Awsome products Jay keep em commin..
Thanks Spawn.

The airsoft community has been quietly testing out my ECO products since last summer. Spawn has been a tester - several others have been recently sent comp bags out, in various cities and provinces. I've gone through 4 different test batches and the batch Spawn has been shooting have been the final selected formula - of which I am very happy to say meets the Bastard quality versus cost ratio. My first 10kg test batch is sitting in my backyard compost and has turned into sludge over the winter. The other two batches never made it out my door. The .20g and .25 formula I chose was bagged in September and distributed - about 200 comp bags in total went out - so far everyone seems to be happy with them. So I am hoping the community will have enough people out there with experience with them that I don't have to convince a lot of people to use them.

I still say Styrene BBs are reasonably non-toxic but they do have a 20 year degredation cycle (minimum). But for those who clearly want BBs gone, the ECOBBs are a sure bet without compromising performance or risking your feedpath to chalk or goo deposits. The bag design also ensure product longevity after the bag has been opened and reopened.
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