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Originally Posted by Donster View Post
i am not a fan of clear BBs. there is too much controversy for me....but still, if they can crack glass, they pose more of a damage to guns, and i dont want my guns or mags riddles with bb dents.
I am not offended at all and I am happy to have the opportunity to discuss it. Its a totally valid question given my past stance on the issue, and I know what it looks like - the Bastard bowing to capitalism...

Originally Posted by Conker
You're right, but some find it cool, and they buy BBMAX for that reason. So... I guess Jay wants to keep his Canada-wide supremacy :P
Precisely. It is a more pragmatic approach I'll admit, but the Glasstards (damnit Spawn, that would have been perfect, but the labels are already printed!) seem to have a following and as Pusangani's tests showed, have reasonable real world characteristics. You see, I trust Pusangani's tests because, a) he is a local airsofter, b) he's the first one to call a spade a spade, sometimes even to his detriment here, c) he's unbiased - he doesn't sell my products, and d) he hosts games. So if an airsoft such as he is happy, a bunch will be happy - not all, but a bunch. Am I worried about shattering BBs? No, I've posted the shear force tests on these BBs in other threads, they're not a shatter hazard at any temperature we play at, nor at any force our AEGs shoot at - by a large order of magnitude. So, in my mind, in those respects, these are reasonably safe to use, provided EVERYONE is okay with it. Just like snipers, everyone on the field and host have to be okay with these.

Originally Posted by Thenooblord
they are clear because they are glass, not glass because they wanted to make them clear
Er, no not for me. Some people like hard and clear and I want to give them a Bastard option. It happens to be Silica has those properties. Is it a fad? Perhaps, like black BBs I suspect they will come and go. I've also come out and said, this is SILICA, not some super-duper top secret resin crap. So you know up front what you're shooting. If you don't like it, don't use it. I have a full line of ECO and non-ECO products in the most popular weights as alternatives.

Originally Posted by Strikefreedom
What's the point of having transparent BBs anyways?
Choice and selection. Refer to Conker's astute and simplest interpretation and you've found your answer.

All valid comments and observations guys - I knew I might take some heat on this decision, but I think my reasoning and the testing, along with the disclaimers on the bag and my openness about the product's contents will let you the player and/or the host make an INFORMED decision about what you want to put in your gun and shoot in your games, or have shot at you.
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