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dont take this as an afront to your Scarecrow, i dont intend it to be. This is just my opinion on the actual CONCEPT.

i am not a fan of clear BBs. there is too much controversy for me.

again, im not griping as to why you made the product. from a capitalist point of view, it makes perfect sense, and i commend you for that, and for your desire and ingenuity into branching out into other products.

but still, if they can crack glass, they pose more of a damage to guns, and i dont want my guns or mags riddles with bb dents.

just another thing (for me anyway), to worry about at games.

Just my 2 cents.

If you are offended by this, such was not my intent, and i sincerely apologize for causing any offense.

i am, and always will be, a loyal bastard
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