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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
The better ones like Redwolf have great service and short response times from people that can actually speak English. For many of the others, you'll have multiple emails from different reps in horrid Engrish with conflicting info. It can be a real pain in the ass.
Which is why it's so much better when you can read/write in Chinese (sadly I can't and never went to Chinese school). Or even phone them up and converse in Chinese.

ANYWAYS. That's actually not why I posted in this thread.

Today I got my package from Airsoft Park.

I'll write a short review here but essentially the TL;DR version is: Great Retailer.

So first I got the LED keychain light thing from them, it was free so why not. Great service coming to me, fast, and easy.

Next I try buying a larger item this time some BDU's at $50 USD. I forgot my password (stupid me ) so I try and reset my password. It doesn't work, check spam folder, added to safe sender list and keep trying. I end up firing an email to them and they reset my password within 3 days (I emailed on a Friday night and they got back to me Sunday afternoon/evening). So far so good.

I now order my stuff (the BDU's). Everything goes smoothly. I placed the order about a week and a half maybe two ago. Got here today.

Looking at the package they really packed it well. Packing tape, sturdy cardboard, printed address everything is relatively professional (packaging wise) for an HK company.

Opening it up took a bit of effort because the package was so well packaged and taped and stapled.

Now onto the product itself. Not too great. It was cheap pricewise and this *is* an HK company so I wasn't expecting great construction quality. I got exactly what I expected and for the price that I paid I wasn't expecting more. This is great for regular clothing or light (ie. airsoft) use, I wouldn't use it doing heavy yard work or in a real war though but for what I'm using it for it was definitely worth it.

I'll probably copy/paste this thread into an international retailer review thread later but for now I have to go and buy groceries and study.
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