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New BB's from BB Bastard for the 2010 season

Jay just sent this in to me
go here for future info

2010 Season

The 2010 Airsoft Season is upon us. The airsoft BB world is a-buzz with new 'greener' BB products. This season the usual .20gr, .25gr, .28gr, and .30gr Styrene based double polish BBs are available, but in addition to this, BB Bastard proudy announces the release of four new 'green' products.


BB Bastard offers a bio-bb alternative with a proven formula for environmentally friendly BB products that break down at a much faster rate than regular styrene BBs. ECOBBs are made from, drum roll please, corn. Its actually based on polymer extracted from the corn called PLA by a company called "Natureworks" and has passed decomposition testing for several countries (DIN V54900-1(Germany), ASTM D6400(USA), EN13432(EU), Green Pla(Japan)). This polymer combined with mineral powder (which permits fine seamless polishing) enables us to maintain virtually the same finished quality as a styrene BB. The end result is a product that in the presence of carbon dioxide and water will break down completely in about 90 days.

Since water is the primary activator, specific measures have been taken with ECOBB packaging to ensure you can still store a partially used bag of ECOBBs and use them without concern. In the past, premature decomposition would leave a greasy white trail in your feedpath - ECOBBs will not prematurely decompose if left in its original packaging. One big difference with ECOBBs, is unlike past PLA formulas, ECOBBs are not particularly light sensitive and light does not trigger the decomposition process (see competitors colored or silver reflective bags for ones that are).

BB Bastard believes its cracked the quality and polish issues with this ECO product so you can be assured of the performance characteristics you've come to expect from a BB Bastard brand BB product. Pricing is also very competitive with other ECOBB products, so you're also not going to have to spend an arm and a leg shooting these BBs.

ECOBBs are available in 3 weights this season, .20gr, .25gr, and the ever popular .28gr !

BB Bastard Clears

BB Bastard Clears are the Bastard answer to BioVAL BBBMax's transparent BB, the subject of some contraversy over the last few months. For the record, I want to make sure those who recall the debate, it was about the formulation and safety of this product. While BBBMax doesn't disclose its 'secret sauce' for its BB, BB Bastard Clears are identical in virtually all respects. BB Bastard Clears are 99.999% pure Silica. Do they break glass? You betcha. Do I recommend you shoot at glass with them? Nope - not unless you intend to break it. In all other respects many here have tested silica BBs against plastic objects, including goggles, and they appear to be safe in this respect - but you be the judge. If the community wants this product, I will supply it, and it is available, in quantity this season.

The weight I chose to make them in is 28gr. This weight appears to be the most popular performance weight that BB Bastard sells, hence, my choice.

Are BB Bastard Clears an ECOBB? No. They are at best inert. If they did break down, they'd break down into sand. So if you want a BB that disappears, choose an ECOBB. But BB Bastard Clears release no toxic chemicals into the environment and are biologically inactive. Picture a rock - thats basically what a BB Bastard Clear is.

I hope that gives you an idea of where the BB Bastard brand is going. I intend to travel a little more this season and come out to the venues that the Bastard product is used at, including Claybank 2010 in May. I want to thank all my loyal Bastard fans and Bastards out there for their continued support and encouragment - its been 7 years now and each year the demand grows bigger and bigger despite the increased choices of BB products out there. I take that to mean I am doing something right, and you guys and gals are okay with this. See you on the fields!

Jay "Scarecrow" Patterson
Head Bastard
BB Bastard
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