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I have a Drozd fully auto BB Machinegun that shoots .177cal BB's which weigh .33grams. It shoots very hard! It is also useless in terms of accuracy as far as I am concerned. If you just want to go plinking, then I would suggest a pellet gun. You can find a non PAL rated airgun (below 500fps) for under $200 if you look around. Go to Canadian Airgun Forums if this is what you are interested in. If you are over the age of 18, then I would suggest you go and get your PAL. It is almost easier than getting AV'd here, LOL! Good Airguns (PAL rated) are VERY accurate. I own an Air Arms S410 (940fps shooting 16grain .22cal pellets) that I can consistantly hit paintballs with at 60yards while bench rested, and I am not that good a shot! BB's are for fun only IMO.
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