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.177 is caliber, and .2/.25 is weight. If you wanna plink around Id suggest you get the BB gun since its cheaper (you won't find any L96 for less than $300, and thats without adding aftermarket upgrades to make it somewhat decent in terms of range and accuracy. You would be looking at about $600-$1000 to make a decent airsoft bolt action). Sniping in airsoft is nothing like what you see in movies or video games. It takes lots of patience, its not uncommon for a sniper to spend 3 hours moving only a couple hundred feet, and rarely if ever taking a shot. If you intend to use it in a game then you better forget about it since noob snipers are not welcomed given the lack of experience. Bolt action operators are generally people who have proven themselves safe and others are comfortable at having them use a bolt action safely given the increased chance of injury from someone with less experience.

And no, I don't expect to be a sniper right away haha. I just want the gun ASAP and I'll get an M4 or something after.
And I do realize that sniping isn't like movies or video games.
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