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Originally Posted by SHÖCK View Post
We have 8 replies and almost none of the posters have even bothered to read the original post where he asked for price range, not shooting range. ASC...

Michaeljm, the price range is roughly $300 before shipping. That said, most people agree that unless you put about $1000 into an airsoft sniper rifle on a decent platform (TM/CA, definetely not TSD/Well unless you swap most of the internals), it will not be a very good sniper rifle.

.177 calibur is a 4mm diameter metal bb/pellet air gun. That is an airgun and is not an airsoft gun (6mm plastic bbs) and will not be allowed into a game as it is dangerous and can cause injuries.
Actually if you read it again he asks for both.
the title states he's asking what the range of it is, and in his post he is also asking what the price range is.
everyone here has answered both
A. depending on upgrades your range will vary
B. without upgrades your looking at about 300$ +
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