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Thank you all for replying. Lots of excellent information here to digest!

@Lythinca - The mask says JT on the bill. perhaps because I am old, out of shape and pant like a water buffalo, I am more prone to fogging. Maybe some spray will help.

@theguy - Thanks for the welcome Going with midcaps. Not impressed with the hicap that came with the MP5.

@Aegiis - Your 2 cents are very much appreciated! I will keep your list of items as reference and chip away on it. Coyote Tan is getting a lot of love and will probably start there.

@Ballcancer - I am leaning towards your preference with a good belt and drop leg setup. I have seen different styles though such as: or or

Which would you recommend? And thanks for the tip on the surplus store!

@Najohn - good start for a newby! I guess i have some spending to do. Thanks.

@Blitzed - I hear ya on the vest, and that is why I dont want to rush in on a kit. just kind of add over time and keep the setup versatile. Molle seems like the way to go. Cheers!

@zeshil - Good tip on the dish soap. Will try it out. And I appreciate the link.

@Mr G36 - Ya, if you looked like Angelina Jolie, I would certainly look at you differently Disturbing thought.

Umm..sorry, what is a camel back? Camel toe I am familiar with. And I agree, my plan is to go more with a belt setup and forgo the vest until I have enough crap to warrant it. Lots of mention here on good boots and gloves, definitely high on the to-do list. Thanks!

@L473ncy - Great info. I can see moving to 2 kits at some point. Interesting you mentioned the neoprene mask and goggle setup, as I was looking at that as an alternative when paintball mask is not required. Does it offer enough protection over a scarf or mask that you wear? Thinking about my teeth here.

Cheers all!

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