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Originally Posted by Mr. G36! View Post
Focus on outdoor more; in CQB, it really won't matter what kind of camouflage you're wearing if the enemy is ten feet away. Though it still depends on where you are. Black is alright, since it's usually darker in CQB arenas. In the long run, you'd really want to have separate kit for each though depending on what you're using.
Not nessecaril, navy blue, or an off black colour is actually better because it's never pitch black, there still is some light so that you can see. The Nazi's actually figured this out in WWII that dark colours were better than black at hiding in the night (or at least this knowledge has been attributed to the Nazis).

Eye protection can range from ballistic glasses, sealed ballistics, paintball goggles, or paintball goggles with full face mask. I personally prefer sealed ballistics but a lot of fields due to being at a paintball venue will require paintball goggles because of insurance purposes, even if the ballistic glasses are "tougher" than paintball goggles.

As for lower face protection, it's usually your choice. I wear a "sykes mask" (not the AO2 one) and put my goggles over top of it. It's saved me once already. I took a shot in the tip of the nose from around 20 feet away (.28 at around 320 FPS). Needless to say it was a scary experience but I came out of it without any bleeders.

Some people will use neoprene masks to absorb some of the impact to save their teeth. I also know some people will do a "PMC" thing and wear a bandanna (like one of those biker ones with the skull on it).

But yeah those are all viable options and you should consider more protection at the expense of being able to look down the sight because trips to the dentist are expensive.

As for Vests, I have a clone RAV Vest. If I could do it again, I would still take the RAV vest but I would also buy a second setup for smaller skirmishes (ie. drop leg rig on one side and drop leg holster on other) or something else that will keep me quick and mobile like a very light chestrig or something.

For colours it depends but you can't go wrong with 2 rigs. One OD and the other CB (Coyote Brown) or Tan. Not only does it make you more effective depending on the type of terrain but you also can switch between teams easily if they're dividing the teams into Green vs. Tan. BUT, for now focus on getting one setup and start to acquire another setup once you have some more game time.

Final note. GOOD FOOTWEAR. It doesn't have to be military boots but they do help you "get into role" or whatever. I bought my boots from Coast Mountain Sports (McKinley hiking boots) on sale for like $90. I use them for pretty much everything, from hiking to walking in the snow, to airsoft, to yardwork. Also SuperFeet, pick up a pair of either the blue or green ones, I have a pair in my shoes and they are AWESOME.
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