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Well I’m still new but for my first game if I recall right I had nothing too hardcore.

I had your basic camo BDU, Cadpat works well if you aren’t feeling CADPAT then ACU and the other camo's work well

Underneath I wore underarmor which was black but anything will work, I’ve seen some players just wear t-shirts which is also fine.

A tactical vest is good to put mags/clips in and whatever else you will have around.

Depending where you are playing a helmet is also good, to prevent you from smacking your head in low spots.

I play mostly at CQB and those guys are awesome at supplying Paintball goggles, they are always clean and good to go. I have ESS Ballistic Goggles, they fog up after a bit of gaming but I’m starting to think it’s because of the balaclava.

For my first game I wore my work boots, steel toe and all that, not a bad idea but not a great idea as they are heavy unless you have the new composite plastic ones which are light but after I got into it I started investing it stuff.

Gloves are good as they provide some protection to those nasty little finger shots, which IMO hurt more then body/head shots.

Hopefully that helps.

ASC has a great thread already on this common question

Side note: as for the fogging up, I used liquid dish soap; works wonders however I hear it isn’t the best for the lens itself. You could try a sporting goods store and buy one of their products that prevent hockey player visors from fogging up they have all kinds of goodies, but most of the guys I know always use dish soap.

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