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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
I wouldn't submerge first unless you cant tell from these:

Goto a quiet room, put it close to your ear and hear it. common spot 3 spots Fill Valve, Release valve, and the gas release spot.

If you can't hear it, spray a lil LIGHT silicon oil, (helps lube it anyways) listen for bubbles

If those two doesnt work, well then chances are its good, or having a really really slow leak.

Down side, if you listen to loud those people blaring music even though theyre wearing might be difficult for you as you killed yourself. hehe.
I could just dunk it in water... I don't have a silicon spray, I have the one that comes from AI in a bottle. Could I just drop a couple drops on the areas instead of spraying, or is it the spray that makes a difference. Probably a seriously dumb question but I thought I'd ask anyway.

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