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Well, my first gear i purchased was a small plate carrier brand: condor. From I decided, since my m16 will soon be an SPR Mod1, prone was going to be ideal. in this case i've mounted my holster on the chest area of the plate carrier, with an ID pouch, but i still havnt found a comfortable area for my triple mag pouch.. I cant seam to find an ideal space for it. Im thinking of just getting a dropleg platform and purchasing a double m4 mag pouch. Since the triple ak pouch is kinda big and bulky.

You just gotta purchase and experiment mate. I DO NOT suggest getting a static cross draw vest of something dumb like that. (this is my opinion on how it is dumb, dont criticize me if you are a fan of the static vests. ). This is because with molle you can actually experiment with the placement of pouches and figure out which setup fits your style of play. Dont buy a static vest just because it's like 45 bucks or so. Your best bet is to save some cash and spend it on something worth the money and will benefit you in the long run. Well, even that my plate carrier plus pouches were cheaper than anything else I've seen...
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