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I'm starting as well and here's what I've accumulated over the past months:

- Gun (no brainer)
- Paintball mask (most fields force you to wear one, so no ballistic goggle unless stated otherwise)
- Vest/chest rig (molle, maybe one with pouches if you have a specific gun like m4/m16, mp5, etc.)
- pants (playing in cadpat or any camo coloured boxers is.....well too cool for most players)
- under jacket/attire (something that matches your vest/rig)
- boots (your adidas aint kicking it right for this activity)
-ALL Attire should be matching colours our atleast correspond well witH one another. (I'm getting an ACU loadout just becuase I like it more then OD , Tan and all the rest....I'd get black but that's mostly only for indoor gaming)
- molle pouches (for your mags)
- extra mags for gun (the 1 it comes with won't cut it, get atleast 3 or more (2 high caps if you can find one that doesn't jam much, and the standard one it comes with, usually a low cap mag)
-gloves (keep your hands warm)

That's mostly the basics, I think atleast.

After that I'd get gun parts (like red dots, silencers, flash hiders ,etc.) Radios, upgrades ,etc.
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