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for gear dude, like mag pouches and what not it takes some experimentation.. I am not so fond (not sure if I spelt that word correctly lol) of vests and what not unless I am in a big outdoor game that is going to take a while... for me i Love belt and drop leg gear.. I find it works for me better.. I have my pistol mag pouches and other small pouches on my tac belt and my primary mags on a drop leg molly panel.. I then have a drop leg pistol holster on my other leg... this is what works for me and is most comfortable... so there is another idea... just play around.. and see whats right for you.. also a good place to get gear (the real stuff too) is the gordon contract supply stores that are located around the GTA I think there is one on norfinch avenue.. also a good place to get good boots as well from 5.11 to magnums to old swat(i think thats the name) plus other tactical gear too..have fun!
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