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Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
So, don't try to screw it off? And Oh man, whats up with me and always getting TM originals. Oh yes, baby.

Could someone link to me the aforementioned adapter for TM?
Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
Ahh, i see. I have removed the whole flashhider. (Comes off when you take off what seems to be that loopy circular shaped sling-esque screw.).

Where can I buy a metal onepeice flashhider with 14mm threading to replace the one I have to take off? (Since this is one peice, that means I'll have to replace the peice that comes off. The peice that comes off is a solid peice of metal that has the flashhider and frontsight on it.)

Don't know how old it is. Its been taken good care of. Heck, the front sight assembly is one peice that includes the flashider. Heck, it could have been replaced by a different branded one, since it is removable.
here is the adapter Link

and you could have just removed the flash hider itself with the little screw at the bottom
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