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Originally Posted by TechSeller View Post
Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Gear section but I decided to invoke my noob status.

As someone starting out I am trying to get a sense of the basics required in terms of gear. I checked the threads, which helped, but still have a few questions.

Eye protection - i did some paintballing in the past and still have a facemask but it fogs like a motherfarker. Are a good pair of goggles preferable? I assume I would need some lower face protection as well.

Do I need a vest or just a belt for mag pouches and holster. I would probably use my TF11 as a secondary if I can find a holster. Being a southpaw further complicates the matter.

Is OD a good choice for colour?

Any other must have items? Any suggestions on where to get setup in Toronto or online?

I plan to try both cqb and outdoor so it would be great to find a versatile kit I could use for both.

Thanks in advance..

You can try some antifog products and keep your mask. To name a few : Crapcat, Fogtech, there's some more out there. I use Fogtech, and I'm quite satisified.

A GOOD pair of boots is THE next most important piece of equipement after eye protection. You won't go far if your feet hurt, or are completely soaked.

Of course, camo of some sort.

Vest, chest rig, LBV, CIRAS, RRV, webbing...It can get complicated pretty fast, there is a lot of choice. It all depends on : Your size, your primary weapon, how many mags are you gonna carry, what will you want to have with you on the field, etc.

If you can, go to a game and ask around, even try different models if players are willing to let you. A full maritime CIRAS looks great, but it does constrain movement somewhat and can get uncomfortable during summer middays. Like your gun, it's a question of taste and comfort. But one piece of advice : DON'T CHEAP OUT. The price difference between china copies and a Condor, Flyye or Pantac rig is not worth it.

I personally have an old german P82 webbing for light/recon roles, a RRV with backpack for day-long milsims, a chicom when I play insurgent and a black V10 tac vest for indoors CQB.

A sling.
Something to carry water (camelback or belt bottle).
A radio (you could start with a simple Motorola, but get an ear piece for it)
Mouthguard or other face protection.
A small toolkit for some quick infield repairs. (Mine includes electrical tape, GGB and AEG oil, small needle nose pliers, small cuters, some tie wraps, a small bottle of super glue, allen keys, small flathead screwdriver, a multitool, velcro strips, an x-acto knife, etc.)
Duct tape (if it works for the real deal guys, it should for us. Saved me a couple of times).
BB loader.
Maybe a flashlight in you play indoors/CQB/night games.
Some food, like beef jerky or granola bars, that can be quickly eaten while on the move
Dump pouch
Basic medkit
For your TF11, either search the forums or have a look at a MP7 holster. These are customizable.
Gun case
A hat of some kind, heatstrokes are no jokes. And it looks badass.

And the list could go on and on...

OD is a good vest color, it goes with all camos. That or Coyote Tan. Some like Ranger Green, but it's harder to find everything in that color. Look at the fields where you are most likely to play.

I feel your pain, I'm a leftie too.

My 2 cents, hope it helped.

EDIT : took too long to write that post up, TheGut beat me to a few points...Great minds think alike I guess
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