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Originally Posted by TechSeller View Post
Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Gear section but I decided to invoke my noob status.

As someone starting out I am trying to get a sense of the basics required in terms of gear. I checked the threads, which helped, but still have a few questions.

Eye protection - i did some paintballing in the past and still have a facemask but it fogs like a motherfarker. Are a good pair of goggles preferable? I assume I would need some lower face protection as well.

Do I need a vest or just a belt for mag pouches and holster. I would probably use my TF11 as a secondary if I can find a holster. Being a southpaw further complicates the matter.

Is OD a good choice for colour?

Any other must have items? Any suggestions on where to get setup in Toronto or online?

I plan to try both cqb and outdoor so it would be great to find a versatile kit I could use for both.

Thanks in advance..

Eye protection: Almost all fields require full sealed ANSI+ goggles, unfortunatly, most of the fields in southern ontario are primarily paintball fields, therefore, their insurance dictates that all players must wear rated paintball goggles, not the full mask, just the goggle part. I use JT somethings, work fine for me, but there are tons of brands out there.

Most new players start with one or two hi-caps. In this case, you don't really need much load-bearing gear, but some new players choose to use it anyways (for the look). If you decide to go for mid or low capacity magazines (fewer rounds, but no winding and no rattling) some sort of chest rig or vest is probably a good idea.

Everyone is different, you don't need anything like that for a first game. At your first game, ask a few people about their gear, maybe you can try on a vest of chest rig, see what works for you.

If you want to use a TF11 as a secondary, there are a few over-sized drop-legs that might work, ones designed for the MP7 and Desert eagle. Finding one thats left-handed might be a bit of a challenge.

O.D. Is what I started with. Before I even went to a came, I bought a large CIRAS plate carrier in OD. Naturally, I assumed Army=green. This turned out to be wrong in the area I play in. Theres a lot of browns in nature, thats why I switched to a multicam pattern. Most people will say that the best solid color is Coyote brown, It will work over just about any colour of BDU.

Anything else? Good boots! with decent ankle support. Nothing sucks more then a rolled ankle.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the sport
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