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Starter Gear...

Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Gear section but I decided to invoke my noob status.

As someone starting out I am trying to get a sense of the basics required in terms of gear. I checked the threads, which helped, but still have a few questions.

Eye protection - i did some paintballing in the past and still have a facemask but it fogs like a motherfarker. Are a good pair of goggles preferable? I assume I would need some lower face protection as well.

Do I need a vest or just a belt for mag pouches and holster. I would probably use my TF11 as a secondary if I can find a holster. Being a southpaw further complicates the matter.

Is OD a good choice for colour?

Any other must have items? Any suggestions on where to get setup in Toronto or online?

I plan to try both cqb and outdoor so it would be great to find a versatile kit I could use for both.

Thanks in advance..

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