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Originally Posted by nidan View Post
Despite having great luck with my Kraken, I must say that I am currently waiting for my new (to me) ICS M4A1 and if Canada Post would quit dickin' around.......

Hey Shiftsup, how do you mean your Kraken felt like a toy? Weight? or...? I thought it has pretty good heft to it but not sure just how heavy it should feel.
If feels like the toy plastic guns I had when I was a kid back in the 1970's (I am 40). It's a wee bit heavier yeah but it's creaky and very plastic. I have an MP-40 battery powered water pistol that feels exactly the same (bought @ Toys R Us in 1988)

Gaming with it was just a big letdown though. This had nothing to do with it's performance. It had to do with feel. I was relieved of this letdown when I got my RS 56 and RS 56-1. These 2 AEGs feel closer to real steel to me and keep me interested in playing (plastic gbb pistols are more than ok though).

Seriously, if all that I had availble gun-wise was plastic rifles I'd maybe game twice a year. Now I am not trying remotely to insult anyone with this comment but for my own satisfaction I felt running around with an all plastic gun a bit more childish than I cared for.
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Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.
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