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Originally Posted by Pro_X View Post
Okay, importation laws could be improved to allow for Canadians to go to games in the U.S. and then come back into Canada with there guns. all so being allowed to buy Airsoft guns in the U.S. and bring them into Canada, you still will have to pay duty at the border. not having the stupid law about clear lower and upper receivers, and adding the orange tip for the police so they can distinguish between airsoft guns and real guns.
Good effort, but do you really think you are the first one to propose such things? Of course not. The Canadian government has different thoughts on the idea of firearms and replica firearms entirely. They would see your proposal ,and dismiss it, not only because you are under the age of majority, but because the Canadian government maintains to control the image of public safety and allowing replica firearms to be imported into Canada just does not go along with that image.

The Government of Canada is committed to effective firearms and weapons control that targets criminals and at the same time maintain the highest standards of public safety. Firearms and weapons are high-risk commodities that can impact the safety, security and welfare of Canadians. It is the policy of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to control the flow of firearms, weapons and other devices, in order to ensure compliance by all stakeholders with existing laws, regulations and orders and seek to interdict the illegal and unjustified crossing of firearms and weapons across the border; while also streamlining the process for low-risk and law-abiding persons travelling with legitimate purposes and with the required documentation.
That is a direct quote of the summary of Memorandum D19-13-2, which can be viewed here.

The Canadian government has no interest in making airsoft available to the general public any time soon. Perhaps if Canada had taken the appropriate movements and attempted to do the same thing that was done in the United Kingdom with UKARA things maybe different, however that is not the reality we live in today.

I can understand your wet dream about cheap airsoft in Canada, however you seem to fail to understand reality, and there is no way to say it without offending you, but its not your fault because what you say and what you propose are on par with the thought path of that of someone in their mid teens. You can propose this and that and what if this till your blue in the face, and the government will continue to ignore your issue, because to them its not an issue.

On the topic of orange tips, do you really think orange tips make that much of a difference? Criminals have been known to paint the tips of real guns with orange paint in order to lure people into thinking the gun was not real.

I do not know what else to tell you, this is all the truth, except it or don't.

Enjoy your time in the USA.

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