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Originally Posted by Pro_X View Post
1. Has a petition from this community ever gotten to the stage of being sent to the government or an MP?

2. I will if there is no other option.

Like you, I also attempted something similar in my younger years. However I also had a sizable considerable backing from some fellow players of social status and was also in good standing with many of my local MPs. In short allow me to reiterate in short what I was told.

They wont touch it with a 10 ft pole, its terrible publicity for them to back something of such a nature. An MP stands to gain no benefit from backing something like airsoft, just take a moment to think, how would you like the people who you want voting for you to picture you?

1. As a person who would be committed to fighting for things such as proper allocation of tax dollars, beefs with your health and education issues.


2. As someone who supports an offside hobby/sport where replica firearms are used to shoot one another.

MPs dont wish to be associated with things like airsoft because society does judge books by their covers and MPs stand to gain no advancement in the public eye from such things.

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