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Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
By not fond of, I meant "Your most likely going to get treated like a lot of the other people who may attempt to import a gun across the border do. Which: isnt good.".

But I see where your coming from Tokyo, my apologizes. I meant it quite generically, as to the population who has stated the info and their stance upon it before to newcomers.

I never knew that the upper was the restricted part on the scar, but now I do. (Isnt the lower receiver the restricted part on some guns, too?)
No apologies are required, as long as you understand the point I was getting at. Many of us couldn't be bothered if if someone wanted to order outside of country, although some of us do feel need to explain the possible risks that are involved. I definitely wouldn't lump that in with frowning upon and I definitely do not wish to be lumped in with those "other people" who spend more time flaming and judging than attempting to make an informed post.

Different firearms have different receivers, for an armalite its a lower, as is the AK. For a Scar and an MP5 it is the upper.

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