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Dont take this the wrong way but I hardly think you are capable of writing a letter worthy of having an MP (or his assistant[s]) read and take seriously. From the sounds of what you have written in your posts, I stand by this opinion of mine.

Also don't think you would be the first person to bring this to an officials attention. Many have tried (who are very eloquent with their words and show their linguistic abilities) and all have failed.

Its not like we can't get airsoft guns in Canada though. You just have to be over 18 to get AVed on this site and gain access to buy/sell sections, and not act like an idiot less you get your AV access revoked. Not 18 yet? Then keep waiting.
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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