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Originally Posted by Pro_X View Post
So even if the airsoft gun does not have the serial numbers on it, it's still illegal, right?
The was that the Canadian border services agents do their job is that have been given a general order to seize anything that they deem to be a firearm or replica of a firearm.

Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
The lower receiver. Please don't buy from across the border. Its not worth the time and effort. We arent very fond of people doing this.
The upper receiver is the restricted part on a scar. I see that you have made the appropriate edit to your post, however please do not speak on behalf of others in the community, I'm not very fond of people saying of what I am not fond of and I'm sure you are not either.

In Canada we have retailers who carry airsoft guns that have their respective restricted lowers made from clear ploymere or plastic, for the time being this method is managing to circumvent the CBSA's definition of a replica.

For example, say you work in donation sorting facility and your job was to remove anything coming off the truck that was the color orange. Regardless of the fact of whether or not the item was dangerous or not, if its orange you remove it. IE Orange cup, remove it. You are working with a set parameter, and so are the staff at the CBSA, anything they deem that resembles a firearm or replica fire arm will be seized, quiet possibly even if it has a clear lower or no lower at all. Its all based on the interpretation of the person doing the job.

Although its not recommend to attempt to have an airsoft gun without its restricted lower shipped to you from outside of Canada, there is no that will stop you from trying, after all its your money. I see in this thread that it has already been recommended to you numerous times to not do so, the decision is yours.

Originally Posted by Pro_X View Post
well thanks for the info, and now i'm going to write my MP on the crap laws for airsoft
Your better off saving the paper. You are not the first to attempt and will not be the last. Unfortunately there is no kind way to say this but you would be wasting your time in doing so.

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