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Originally Posted by nidan View Post
Based on the anti-Aftermath sentiment, I must have gotten lucky with mine. Every other gun around me breaking down (including G&G) and only one jam in 2 seasons of play with mine.
I am routinely sent out to flush out other long shooting aeg's since I have great distance on my "as is out of the box", and great accuracy too!
But if more money always means better, then there you go.


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Some run for 20,000+ rounds without issue. Some break after < 500. The failure rate seems to be around 50%. If one has the time and ability to fix anything that breaks on it, hey, go ahead. New players often don't though which is why I don't recommend them.

IMO, once gun docs say "I refuse to work on <x> brand of gun" that's enough to make me not want it.

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