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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
While true, I have yet to see an export full size G36 with any other designation than "E". The OP said he had an E, an E is full sized. KE = export kurtz, never seen CE but I can assume it exists.
well i actually still have it, the only matter is that is somewhere in my old country lol, in a far future i would like to bring some of the parts of the gun (non restricted ones) and make a kind of hybrid (long hand guard with a silencer coming from the top rather than a barrel, or a G36c with a carry handle scope, who knows the sky is the limit lol) .

QUOTE=Soulfly;1150038]Not hard at all. It would be a matter of taking it all apart, and painting the pieces.

They come apart fairly easy and nice as well. [/QUOTE]

nice to know, but I'm kind of afraid of doing that by my self, may be someone can do it in a auto-shop. btw i would like to make some fake trade marks with a brush, since the space is completely empty, any thoughts about that ? is it possible? I'm kind of an artist lol.

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