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I'm looking into ordering some gear from eHobby and I do realize that most of the products are clones and that the shipping is horrendous but what I would like to know is about the Canadian standards for duties. I have read about people getting charged for double what they paid at the post office and how some companies ship their parcels under the title gift and so on. This is my first time ordering airsoft gear online, (I'm not buying restricted items, i did read that thread) I usually try to go local and support the little guy but in this case it would definitely be cheaper. SO, will I get bagged for duty and customs ? Or is eHobby good at what they do?
Ehobbyasia ships via express mail, so the custom fees are hit or miss. Personally, I've never (knock on wood) paid any duty fees. But like I said...It's hit or miss

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Well.. When i ordered my vest from airsoftgi, my parcel had to be detoured to customs, and it took a day to process it there. When i went to pick up my parcel from the post office, i got smacked with an extra $46.79. but.. That was because airsoftgi sent it with UPS, so i guess the extra paper was because they needed to pay the UPS guy? It was something like that. So if i had known that that would've been the case, i wouldnt have ordered it from over the border. But what can you do?

For overseas, i think the only way it can have a customs cost is if it is checked by customs and the amount of time it takes for the customs agents to process the package? I have not ordered from overseas yet, but me and my mate are making a big group order to, so i guess ill see what i get smacked with when that package will get here. Hope that helped a little bit.
You, my friend, got raped by UPS like myself and many others. UPS is famous around here for charging horendous duty fees and they should simply go to hell, but then again, no one beats their online tracking system.

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So you're saying we cannot engage in a hobby once we are older?

Children these days.
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