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I have that same gun. The broxa was originally from another ASC member that owned it for more then 2 years. It has been rented and loaned all over town. It has some upgrade but still remains firing like a champ after all this time and abuse. I would not recommend it if you can afford a better one but same as the Kraken it seams to last the test of time. Once you become of age the doors will really open up to you. I would suggest testing out rentals and finding the style that suits you. Work on getting top quality gear because that is what is most important and most expensive. I started out with a MP5 SD5 only to change to a M16 less then a year later. How old are you and what field do you play on? Maybe other member of ASC would let you rent from them at your next game so you could try a different style...if you have consent from your folks that is. Good luck dude!!!

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