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Thanks for the welcome, as nasty as it was. And yes we do where eye protection. Wouldn't play without it. I at least realize how dangerous it is to play without that.

Actually if you look at the top. I didn't make a forum for this. it just happened to get to this point.

Ya, your right, I understand why its as touchy as it is. After I posted the question that lead to this whole thing I kind of thought to myself that it would have something to do with the law and with keeping the reputation of Airsoft under a good light to the government.

And thanks for the straight up answer on the Bass Pro Shop question. I look forward to being 18 and actually being able to get into the sport with my own equipment. Rentals will have to do for now. (I am in an area where I can get into games at age 16, just have to rent guns)

I did educate my self somewhat but obviously not enough. I'll so some more looking in that area.

Is anyone going to answer my original question? Or not? would be nice to know if I come across this sort of situation again. (refer to first post)
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