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I understand why its not OK, I understood after someone pointed out to me that its illegal. I didn't realize that airsoft guns were under that law. I didn't realise the ones you can get outside of ASC were considered replica firearms considering they only look like firearms in shape. Again sorry for just not being savvy on all of these laws and regulations.

What I didn't like is after it was pointed out people continued to put in their 2 cents in a rude degrading way. I understand that people are tired of answering the same question. I should of thought to myself that it would have been asked a billion times already and just looked it up myself.

How is it illegal for me to purchase this gun when I can get it at the Bass Pro Shop only an hour away? Or would I have to be 18 to get it there also? (Please don't start flaming me again, I honestly don't know) I don't see how its breaking the rules when I can buy it in public.
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