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Did you even read my post? honestly go read it and tell me that there is a thread that will tell me my exact questions.

There isn't, I looked. I found plenty of threads and read up on the gun which is why I didn't ask anything about the gun it self.

Secondly, wow, sorry for not knowing all of the laws in Canada. My bad. I'll be sure to read through my handbook of Canadian Laws next time.

Thirdly, I don't personally own private land but I definitely have plenty of friends who do. So don't worry about me playing in town. I just wanted to know the reason for not playing "remotely close to town".

And lastly, do you guys even care about introducing new people to the game? You couldn't just be polite and point out kindly new peoples mistakes. Instead you act like immature children. All you are going to do is scare new people away. If you would go and read the description for this section on the forums you will notice that it specifically states not to flame newbies.

Thanks to those who were somewhat helpful. I'm not sure why anyone else posted other than to flame me or tell me something that has already been said 3 times.
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