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CBSA told me that even if I had a "Cansoft" gun, I would be able to leave the country, but they would never let me back in with it.

Airsoft guns are considered Replica Firearms because they are exact replicas of real firearms. You can argue the interpretation of this act but I think the OPP does a better one. I called the OPP and CBSA from overseas to ask about bringing airsoft back to Canada.

1. cannot be over 500fps, if above, must be registered and is considered a firearm.
2. must be noticeably a toy (by someone with knowledge of firearms)
3. If not noticably a toy, the owner must have proof that the air gun was purchased before 1989.
4. If not noticably a toy, and the owner can prove purchase was prior to 1989, ownership may not be passed to another individual.
5. Exempt from these laws are Military, Law enforcement, and those holding a "movie prop permit."

Our airsoft guns are mostly as illegal as a butterfly or switchblade knife. If you don't declare at the border and get caught, you might face some serious crap importing "Prohibited" devices into Canada.
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If you were trying to insert a magazine into another magazine then I guess that would be indeed ghey. Inserting a magazine in a magwell seems rather hetero to me. The tape is merely metro, calling it ghey is rather absurd and makes it hard for the metro magazines to socialize with other magazines.

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