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Originally Posted by Blitzed View Post
That's just as much work as stuffing it in a a big freight liner storage container filled with rotten potatoes.
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I call BS.

I know a whole bunch of machinists. Most are past 40, because milling and making parts is not something you can learn at school. You learn the techniques, but can't learn the skills. At 23, you would have done a basic 2 years machinist course, and maybe have 3-4 years of good experience in the market.

Now I know a guy that makes parts for Diemaco... that is Colt Canada just so you know. He is now 38 and managed to get the job there after a whole bunch of background check and a good 10+ years of experience.

Say, if you can make a few for you and your friends, what machine do you plan to use? And what tolerance do you think would be needed to fit most "M4" you can find on US retaillers? Running a CNC or all old-school?

Making a mold for clear injection would cost about 20-25k to have the mold made. That does not include the design or the first production run. Now to deserve a mold, you would need to make at the very least 6-7k units, because a piece like the receiver would require at least a 4 pieces mold and setup for that kind of mold is not cheap. That is implying that you have contacts in China to have the parts made between two runs in a larger factory. Making the injection local would raise the cost by about 20%, and that is all that you could dream to get in profits from the sale of theses... And they are clear in a country where it is easy as hell to get a clear receiver, but everyone wants to change to a black receiver. I GAVE my ICS clear receiver to a random guy that broke his. It's worth that much.
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Damnit, don't make me add "no discussing temporal paradoxes" to the rules or I'll go back in time and ban you last week.
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