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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
Care to share the steps you did to stretch it?
I know you remove the rubber reinforcement piece and then cram 2 mag shells in each pouch and let it soak. But I had trouble with my last one and ended up selling it lol.

Also, did you use 47 or 74 mag shells?

Looks good I must say especially with that 'sweat' hehe.
Cool stuff!
I did not remove anything from the chicom. All i did was soak it in hot water for 5 minutes, and while still wet, shoved a mag in all the way,
and the second one as far as it would go (half way down, roughly). The flaps won't close, obviously, but the mags are in tight enough that
they won't go anywhere, even if doing a handstand Don't take the mags out, i recommend to let them sit in there for a week at least.

As stated in the review, i used ak74 mags. They are made by MAG. I don't think you'll be able to fit ak47 mags like you could ak74 ones.

Thanks, i only noticed it while it was sitting in warm water, i did not notice that before.

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