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GBB vs AEG for first gun

Hi im kevin and im looking for my first airsoft gun i have been browsing the classifieds and just cannot make up my mind if i should buy a GBB pistol or an AEG for my first time gun i have noticed many different brands of AEG's and GBB's not knowing which brands to look out for and what not has been dificult i also do not think i will want to be traveling too too far for playing in the woods with an aeg(live in toronto) therefore i have been looking at alot of GBB pistols(mostly glocks) as my first gun. i was wondering what all of you guys who have played the sport for a long time would recommend.

Also one more thing(im demanding i know i know) I have been looking at glocks and i have not seen many standard sized glocks on the classifeds most of them are the compact or subcompact versions idealy if i was to buy a GBB pistol i would want a glock 17,20,21,22 because they are all standerd sizes what(if any) brands would you recomend for me to look at for any of those models of glocks

Thank you in advance Kevin
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