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Originally Posted by Lord of Rebirth View Post
I'm 23. I just happen to do a lot of business in the US and I have found shipping in Canada and other pointless business costs to cost a lot.

Also I can easily have gun part manufactured cheap. I can get any "illegal" airsoft gun part made for cheaper than it can be bought with better quality.
I've heard that before from underage noobs claiming to be older! if you can do so cheaper than can be bought, go ahead and make them and sell them to make a profit.

why bother asking if you can buy in the US and remove restricted parts before bringing it into the country? what's the point of your original question because it doesn't make sense.

I do understand that you've just started a circle of BS that will now be associated with your name. congratulations!

prove me wrong. go and have an AR receiver made. full metal with or without trades. if the quality is as good as you claim, I'll send you the going price for a receiver in the classifieds. you'll make a profit cause you claim you can have it manufactured cheaper and better.
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