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Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
It is true that ranks only or usually work with in your own group
If a group of players or a team does decide to use a ranking system, it's usually just internal to them. There are a few teams/orgs that have established groups in a few areas across the country, and they subscribe to the same rank system.

Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
Others outside your group will some times look down
on the rank thing till they come to realize you are good enough
to hold the rank through your actions on the field.
Honestly no one is going to care what you have pasted to your shoulder. What people will care about is your honesty and integrity (calling your hits), your organizational skills (showing up on time to events) and your general attitude.

Your team mates (whether it be for one event or for a whole season) will care about your fitness level, your personal motivation level and your ability to keep thinking in the middle of an engagement.

While generally you'll find that players you'll encounter are not going to laugh at you for using a rank system, they are not going to be impressed by a "Staff Sgt" or "Capt" insignia either. Your personal conduct and deportment will determine how you are treated, like in most other social groups. Most players who wear rank (in my experience) just have it on their uniforms for a given event so that their impression of a specific group (US Soldier, British etc) is accurate.

Originally Posted by rifleman View Post
As-tu des exaples de surplus qui en on.

Do you have an example of military surplus to buy rank epaulets.
CP gear is IMHO the best place to get CDN ranks. They are high quality and you can get custom branch/unit tabs done up. So long as you are not walking in public claiming to be in the CF while wearing your combats/ranks, you'll be fine (and yes, that has happened before.....idiots). If you get a hold of surplus IG in Montreal maybe they will have what you are looking for.

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