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Well to update from my last post I was in a bit of a hurry.
When I first ordered it I was kinda Uhh... I found that G&G clear lowers are horrible and I've seen them come in broken, feed like crap etc.
So I was kinda discouraged from every buying another Clear AEG.
But this one changed my mind. The lower is solid, the mags fit very smoothly. No wobble in the magwell.
The upper feels great.
The S-System is solid and has no wobble. Well very little on the lower part that you move to install the battery.
The only thing over all I would change on the gun is the battery issue. Nothing bigger than a Mini or a Lipo fits. So I am installing an AN/PEQ Box.

Other than that the gun is great. Ball Bearing Bushings, amazing ROF and much more.

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