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got this today
Hey tim,

This is Hendrix. Sorry for the delay thanks to Canada customs.
I will repack n re label ur items as toy parts. I will eat the shipping. Just to let u know this is not a scam. It's $80 so if I'm gonna scam someone it will be for more. I'm still at shot show in Vegas so when I get back (Monday) I wil take care of this. I just need ur patience here. I actually didn't know this is going to Canada since it was too late or else in wouldn't have taken ur payment. My bad for not checking. I will email u later for
More details

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guy seems legit. but no paypal claims never cover anything other than ebay auctions. i've bought a "TM" mp5k on here before and it turned out to be a galaxy. i called the seller and he said he can't do anything about it. paypal refused to give me a refund. this was like 2 years back and i lost $450.

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