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Well the customs here have to be doing a great job since I stupidly purchased a Echo 1 E90 from ECA and just received a letter that it has been seized. Now knowing the full force of the Customs system, if I wanna start airsoft, I should get age varified and look for an airsoft here(or even the local classifieds).
Anyway, just to let the other new members know, I'm the one of out so many shipments they do that got seized.

One thing I noticed on the letter, the item is stated as a:
"1000, Pistolet entierement automatique, Elite Tactical Weapons, Echo 1 P90, 5.7. FN20081030"
Is there anything I can do about that error for a chance of some sort of an appeal? Or atleast any way I can prove it does not even fire over 400 FPS, no interchangeable parts to a real gun(mock ejection port, mock bullets in the mag) or will the sole reason of the E90 looking like a P90 is enough to have it seized and destroyed?

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