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Get AV'd and you'll be exposed to the Classifieds where you can find a variety of high-end brand name AEG's such as TM, Classic Army, KA, and anything else I've missed.

Let me be one the one's to say, dont ask where or how can I purchase an airsoft gun, in airsoft Canada forums without being AV'd or over the age of 18.

I've delt with and i got my gun within 5 days, no headaches what so ever. I dont suggest shootsoft since all i have heard are horror stories, many other airsoft canada members will same the same thing. You shouldnt have a problem with any other retailer, but if you are over the age of 18, 007 airsoft does have a good selection as well.

As for gear wise, there's many, many places to buy from. From oversea's at Ehobbyasia or EBairsoft, to down in the states like AirsoftGi, to right here at the ASC Mart or in the classifieds. I personally bought my vest as well as pouches from airsoft gi. But be aware if you are ordering from ASGI, you will have to pay an additional $40.00 when picking up your parcel on top of your already shipping charge, which i didnt know as ASGI did not inform me of this. Thats the only headache I had with them.

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