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Where to buy and what to buy

Hey, I'm new to airsoft and have been looking around the forums a bit. I've found some mixed opinions on some websites that sell airsoft guns to canada and would like to know whether they are safe to buy from or not and if there are any better ones that I can order from.

The sites I have found are:
Velocity Arms
Capital Airsoft (

If there are any near by stores that would be great too.

I live in Alberta (Right near Red Deer)

Second is what brand name and style of gun is recommended?

As far as i have read TM and CA are the best names out there. Some other brands I have noticed that look pretty nice are SRC, JG and G&G.

I think I would prefer a close quarters rifle. Non of that sniping stuff (maybe if I get into the game a lot and want to spend the money for that.) Maybe an assault rifle. The Large Machine guns don't appeal to me too much and seem a little more expensive.

Any Opinions on this?

Also, what gear/gun upgrades are recommended for starting out?

Thanks a bunch.
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