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Originally Posted by Bernino View Post
in germany a SRC g36-E costs 249euro ( 367 cad) bye the expensive shop.
a had see on few pages but i can´t find a ksc/kwa glock 18 only the glock 23?
Iám 19 years old can i send a (admin) my id card that he can check it so that i can look before i in canada if problem... i love my hobby i pay any price for my gun^^:grin:

@FNG_13 yes you understand me :-) and thanks

yes i order to bye asmc they one of the best shops

it´s a good idea with the german gear ^^

i come on a working hollyday visum to canada with my aunt...i want to see the world:-) i was for few years in canada than i was 12 and i found it incredible ...

i hope their understand me ^^
You'll pay about the same here. It's the Americans that have the cheap prices.

I'm not sure if you are aware of Canada's laws regarding the importing of airsoft but most airsoft that is imported as new for sale to the public has transparent plastic/fibre reinforced recievers but these are quite good quality.

There are only limited gun selection from SRC, G&G, KJW, KWA that are designed for import for the Canadian market so you will not have that much choice. There is no Glock 18 available at the moment with transparent receiver.

However, if you get age verified (in person when you are in Canada), you can look in the classifieds in this forum (and other Canadian airsoft regional forums) for other guns (all black, etc.) or get an importer to import something for you.

Shipping from to Canada is very expensive so it might be better to buy a lot of the gear you want first. The minimum shipping price is 40 Euros even if you are only ordering a pair of gloves.

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